Simetria Lisi

“Simetria Lisi” is a 19-storey residential building combining apartments and office spaces. The building is located on the best area, nearby Lisi Lake and is distinguished by fresh air and recreational zones. “Simetria Lisi” is the best choice for people prioritizing “healthy environment”.   

Special characteristics of the project include rational layout of residential apartments and flexible planning. Each of them has a wonderful panoramic view of Tbilisi. 

Additional advantages of the project include:  

  • Energy efficient "Bedegi" isolation blocks, responsible for the thermoregulation of the building;
  • Natural gas boilers placed specially closed shafts located on the balconies;  
  • Two level car park;
  • „Doorphones“ at the entrance door and  remote control panels of car park;
  • Fire systems ensuring security;
  • Two “Otis” elevators: passenger and cargo

An important part of "Simetria Lisi" is allotted to recreational zones. Following objects are envisaged for the residents of the building by the project:

  • Closed yard
  • Well equipped square
  • Children playground
  • Football pitch.

“Simetria Lisi” combines 67 apartments. Their area starts from 51 sq.m.



70b, Vazha Pshavela, Tbilisi, Georgia
Office: 995 32 2 240 230