Simetria offers a wide variety of projects to the investors interested in the real estate market of Georgia, which combines the real estate of different functionality and investment volume.   

Our goal during the process of developing and implementing each project is:

  • To ensure maximum return to the investor;
  • To create optimal and environmentally useful concept for the development of a specific location;
  • To select appropriate architectural solutions


Simetria uses high level financial analysis, fundamental knowledge of the relevant real estate segment and expertise while implementing each investment activities. Herein, we consider all possible risks and plan relevant measures to reduce them.  

We offer full developing services to the investors within real estate development projects that starts by creating concept and ends by business withdrawal strategy. The referred services include:

  • Finding the real estate necessary for the project and ensuring purchase;
  • Studying the risks related to real-estate and insurance
  • Obtaining relevant development parameters for the project;
  • Working out the project concept;
  • Planning and analyzing financial part of the project;
  • Developing a complete architectural project;
  • Selection of brand and hotel management company (in case of hotel projects);
  • Selection of construction and / or repair companies;
  • Ensuring demolition works (if necessary);
  • Supervision of construction and repair works;
  • Procurement;
  • Putting the object into commission through registering into the competent authorities;
  • Managing the hotel filling process and organizing opening events;  
  • Developing a sales strategy and process management
  • Full reporting with the customer at certain intervals or based on the importance of the issue.



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