10% return 10% return on real estate value every year - \"Simetria Park\" offers a new investment opportunity on Mtatsmindaon real estate value every year -


Demand for real estate in Mtatsminda is growing, which is influenced by, among other factors, the situation in the rental market. The interest towards Mtasminda among foreign visitors and foreign citizens who have come to work in our country is noticeable, which makes the residential real estate here even more valuable on the ground.

In addition, the high demand for real estate on Mtatsminda is due to the proximity to the historical part of Tbilisi and the main recreational zones, tourist facilities, some of which are located in or near the capital, as well as transport flexibility.

According to a 2019 survey by Colliers International Georgia, the average weighted rental rate per square meter was the highest in the Mtatsminda district of Tbilisi. According to their 2020 survey, which explores the Tbilisi residential real estate market, the average weighted sale price of new apartments on Mtatsminda increased by 9%.

As for 2021, according to Geostat, the highest price per square meter in newly built residential buildings - 4, 236 GEL - is observed on Mtatsminda. Consequently, the rental cost is also high, which allows for a quick return of the amount paid.

Due to the high demand for Mtatsminda, the area started to develop in a completely new way. More specifically, a complex of individual houses and flats "Simetria Park" is being built on an area of ​​20,000 square meters in Okrokana, which fits organically into the architecture of the district. The new housing and investment project is an 8-minute walk from Freedom Square and a 3-minute walk from the Botanical Garden and Mtatsminda Park. It is also connected to the Turtle Lake Hiking Trail.

The cost of the residential complex is 45 million GEL, most of which is foreign direct investment, and part - bank capital, which guarantees its completion on time. The project is implemented by the development company "Simetria", according to which, the value of real estate purchased in "Simetria Park" can be returned in about 10 years, and you will get back 10% annually (data are calculated based on the sale and rental price in the real estate market).

The real estate sale and rental service purchased in "Simetria Park" is provided by the Georgian representative of the international real estate broker company "Remax Group" - "Remax Capital". According to the founder of the company, Mariam Asatiani, even during the so-called lockdown period, when the number of transactions was significantly reduced, the demand for Mtatsminda remained unchanged.

"A closed residential complex is a justified investment, because with the development of the capital and the increase in demand for private houses, their value will also increase. This is evidenced by the reality created by the pandemic, when the importance of one's own home and yard has increased even more, both in our country and in the world in general. This process has further accelerated the development of private settlements. At the same time, if the complex is located in one of the central districts of Tbilisi and has good views, it is possible to get back the money invested in it faster,” Mariam Asatiani explained.

The main construction works of "Simetria Park" have been completed, and there is only one year left to bring it to the final stage. Sales of apartments and houses in the complex have already started and the company offers interesting conditions to those interested. Those interested can fill in the application form, after which the company representative will contact you and give you the details in person.


Unique residential area “Simetria Park” being built in a recreational triangle in Okrokana


Residential complex “Simetria Park” which combines individual houses, squares, work spaces, shopping facilities, is being built in the vicinity of Turtle Lake, Botanical Garden and Funicular, in an ecologically clean and protected environment.

During the project implementation, the priority of the development company was to select a location that would be the main recreation area, for this purpose Okrokana was chosen, which is located eight minutes walk from Freedom Square. The noise of the city and the exhaust of cars do not pose a problem for the residents, because it has a surprisingly different clean ecological environment, with a distinctive microclimate of Mtatsminda, green plants, well-maintained pedestrian and bicycle paths, different types of squares and fresh air from Kojori forest. It is not just a separate residential area, it is a modern and comfortable lifestyle. Every detail in the complex is provided for a harmonious life. Created environment and well-equipped infrastructure, highly qualified service, give it a special advantage.

Landscape designer Gvantsa Kheladze worked on the ecological development of "Simetria Park", who explained to "Interpressnews": "The company has carried out large-scale works for the improvement of the area. Fresh air, green plants, central park, recreational areas - make the place especially attractive and desirable. Life here is pleasant and comfortable for all four seasons. I think our goal has been fulfilled and another modern developed complex has been added to Tbilisi."

The company "Brava" will constantly take care of the cleaning and safety of the area, which will take into account the needs and interests of the residents.

The company's houses are also very profitable for investment, the fact that the complex is located very close to the center of the capital, Freedom Square, further increases the interest of foreigners in real estate.

The sale of residential apartments and individual houses has already started, the company offers interesting and favorable conditions for those interested. Those wishing to purchase can fill in the application form, after which you will be contacted by a company representative.

Simetria Park – Why we have to purchase house near the funicular?


The high standard of living and development has created a global problem -  air pollution, which has made people want to move away from the noise and pollution, as much as it will be possible, to maintain living in a healthy environment and improve a healthy lifestyle. 

Simetria Park stands out with its project, because it is near to the city center, although it is located in an ecologically clean, modern residential place, which is close to the funicular, where it is possible to live in the safe, green environment from the noise and all your wishes will be fully taken into account.  The house near the funicular will fill you with a positive mood and give you the opportunity to unwind. 

The project envisages individual and multi-apartment residential flats. House with well-maintained infrastructure near the funicular is functionally connected to any kind of necessity and requirements. 

House with funicular is a priority decision to combine tranquility, new capabilities, and modern standards.  The project of Simetria Park is built in the vicinity of Mtatsminda Park and is maximally adapted to the needs of each person. It is distinguished by location, cozy and customized living conditions, where there are preferred the highest quality building materials, special interior, and home planning procedures. 

Simetria Park house near the funicular allows you to enjoy all the spaces provided by the entire residential complex.  In the case of the use of the given standards and modern spaces, you must be sure that you will make the right choice for Simetria park. 

Purchase the house near the funicular and the team of professionals according to your decision and desire, will help you plan and prioritize your wishes. You can choose both, an individual house and an apartment.  Both of them include office and children’s spaces.  

There are several benefits of purchasing Simetria Park house. 


  • Quality
  • Modern residential are
  • Apartments in Tbilisi’s recreation area 
  • Avoid extra costs
  • Flat with panoramic views 
  • Long exploitation term
  • Arrangement of the desired comfort zones (gym, spa, landscape, office space, security, etc.)

Noteworthy is this special location of the house with the funicular, the living conditions and very close location to the Kojori forest, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and in the case of necessity in a few minutes you can reach the center of the capital.  

A new and innovative residential complex near Mtatsminda Park gives you the opportunity to get more comfort and pleasure from your life. 

Simetria Park - Best Villas in Tbilisi


In the modern era, the necessity of purchasing an individual house is becoming more and more actual, which is caused by the desire of moving to a healthy and clean environment and being away from the noise and chaos of the city, which makes life more comfortable for everyone. During the process of building an individual house, the location must be chosen according to the outline of the private house you want. The project of  Simetria Park has considered the construction of an individual house in Mtatsminda, where modern trends and healthy environment are combined.

Where is it possible to purchase an individual house in Tbilisi?


Very close to the center of the capital, in Mtatsminda, it is possible to buy the best villa in TBILISI.  Simetria Park project envisages villas in TBILISI, which are adjusted to the standards of comfort and tranquility. The whole project includes as well as planning part, also 24-hour video monitoring system of the security and parking. Very close to the city center, near the Kojori forest, you can buy a villa in TBILISI, which will connect you to any part of the capital without any problems, you will be able to drive freely to work and enjoy with cozy living conditions.  

To get rid of everyday life routine, you can buy a villa in TBILISI, in Mtatsminda, which will guarantee comfort and harmonious coexistence in the safe environment. Simetria Park project allows you to live away from the noise life with your family and in any necessary moments connects you to the important places of the city.

Villas in TBILISI are special opportunities to purchase high standard living houses and satisfy your individual needs. Your decision to buy a villa in Mtatsminda, has the following advantages:

  • Planning
  • Proximity to the capital
  • Ecologically clean environment
  • Parking space with modern standards
  • Security System


Simetria Park villa in TBILISI will define your lifestyle, it will clearly emphasize the possibilities and image of your life. The whole concept of the project was created to reflect the wishes and character of individual people and in addition despite the fact that the villa on the territory of TBILISI with quiet and modern communications will be owned by you, you will always present your different point of view and taste.


What must be paid attention during the planning of a villa?

When it comes time of planning and building an individual house, villa, there are number of issues, which must be considered:

  • How many floors should count your wanted villa;
  • Redistribution of rooms’ area and their number;
  • Yard area and interior;
  • Safe spaces for the children around the perimeter;
  • Security system;
  • Indoor parking;


It is advisable to consider the main issues to avoid unexpected problems. Simetria park, whose villas in TBILISI, are distinguished by high quality and construction materials and and realability, will help you to plan the given stages and key issues.  Simetria park villas in TBILISI are tailored to any kind of desire.

Purchasing of a villa is a very responsible and important decision, your owned dwelling should meet your wishes and the style of living should be expressed itself, and Simetria Park will give you that opportunity: to bring together the desires, needs and tastes. Buy villa in TBILISI, which will guarantee your peace and cozy space. The comfort, which you will feel with owning this villa, is greater than any material value.


Simetria will attract approximately 60 mln USD of investment for the development of Shovi resort


Real estate company Simetria has officially concluded general contract on cooperation with Kazakh Business Group owning 60% of territory Shovi resort.

Pursuant to the contract Simetria will take care of the development of Shovi resort.  

60% ownership of resort area provides basis for uniform and systemic development of the resort. Pursuant to the general plan, development will facilitate turning the area into new and unique tourist center.   

“Simetria” plans to conduct fundamental examination of the area at first stage. Resort Shovi contains 16 unique mineral waters special climate, area surrounded by three mountain peaks and particular balneological and curative features. Studying of the area is planned to better demonstrate referred strong sides of the resort and Austrian and German consultants will be involved in the process for this purpose.

According to the statement of the company the project will be prepared for investment only after the aforementioned process and based on the preliminary   analysis Shovi resort will attract approximately 60 mln USD of direct investment.

“The project, with its scales and unique features, will become a new tourist center in Georgia, which will attract more than 56,000 high-income tourists annually. It is noteworthy, that we are talking about Racha, the lowest income region after Guria and attraction of a new type of holidaymakers will develop the economic condition of the region” –say the representatives of the company.
“Simetria” plans to actively cooperative with local and central branches of government, businesses of the region and local population in order to develop the resort corresponding with the plan. 

Simetria Park – New residential neighborhood by Simetria


Simetria Park   is located only within 8-minute drive from Tbilisi center, in Okrokana, Mtatsminda District. The project offers an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle and close proximity to the recreational zone. The fresh air and favourable climate of Kojori Forest create the unique environment for healthy life.

Simetria Park’s architecture first and foremost offers a perfect balance and full compliance with the project concept. The proposed model provides the functional division of the neighborhood in such a way that residents’ interests and lifestyles do not contradict or interfere with each other. Simetria Park   comprises 31 private houses and 39 apartments.

The dendrological design is based not on the environmental but also practical considerations. Therefore, the design includes hypoallergenic plants and the tree locations providing the greatest possible privacy and relaxation both inside the house and in the yard.

A concierge will take care of your comfort and safety. Simetria Park provides all the necessary measures for its residents’ safety. Only the residents and their guests can enter the area.

Simetria Park offers not just a residential neighborhood but a new standard of life. Its concept is based on the idea of «harmony inside and outside” which means a gated community meeting the modern urban requirements. In this neighborhood, the symmetry is found in both internal and external space planning and design together with the understanding of the need for   human relations and social life.  Simetria Park is perfect for those who view development as an integral part of life and seek balance between their work space and private space.

Simetria is a participant of GEOREX TBILISI 2018


Company Simetria took part in the exhibition GEOREX TBILISI 2018 held on September 15-16.    The event consisted of several parts: on the first day presented companies met local and international brokers and defined the ways of future cooperation. At the same time round table was also held and Georgian real estate stock-exchange was discussed.

The second day of GEOREX TBILISI 2018 was dedicated to the foreign investors, who got acquainted with the program submitted by the participants.   Participants of the event were given an opportunity to find new partners.  Furthermore, they had the opportunity of submitting their own projects to the clients and professionals, local and international stock-exchange of real estate.

GEOREX TBILISI 2018 was held with the support of Tbilisi City Hall.

Developer Company Simetria participated in „Area Expo 2018”


Developer Company Simetria participated in the selling exhibition of real estate “Area Expo 2018”. The event was held on March 30, 31 and April 1 in Expo Georgia and combined nearly 100 acting developers of Georgia in one space.  

Simetria presented its projects at “Area Expo 2018”. Such different event in the field of real estate was held in Georgia for the first time. Guests of the exhibition got acquainted with the ongoing and completed projects of Simetria. In addition, they were given opportunity to select and purchase desirable residential, office or commercial areas on place for special terms and price.  It is noteworthy that the representatives of the banks ensured the product availability on place.  

The event was organized by the real estate service company “Area Group” aiming to introduce and establish international practice and standards on the real estate market. 

Hotel Best Western Kutaisi was opened


Developer Company Simetria opened the first brand hotel Best Western Kutaisi. The hotel is located in the historic center of Kutaisi and is a few steps away from the famous “White Bridge”. All of its 45 rooms are arranged in a cozy and modern style and is equipped with all elements necessary for the comfort, relaxation, rest and security of the visitors. Three universal conference hall located in Best Western Kutaisi provides all necessary facilities for business guests.

Best Western Kutaisi provides magnificent feeding facilities for the visitors as well. Café “Titsiani” located on the first floor offers delicious dishes and desserts to the guests during the day. The restaurant “Roof Top Grill” is located on the roof of the building which offers the guests not only traditional Georgian but grill-bar menu as well.  Furthermore, restraint has beautiful and fascinating views of the city, that makes “Roof Top Grill” even more attractive place for having rest and relaxation.

Best Western Kutaisi is a part of the project implemented by developer company Simetria for the development of hotel regional network “12 Hotels in 12 Regions”.

Simetria offers new multifunctional residential complex in Tbilisi – Simetria Lisi


Development Company Simetria represents new residential building “Simetria Lisi”, located in the rapidly developing district of the city of Tbilisi; in particular, on the adjacent territory of Lisi Lake, on the road connecting Nutsubidze slope and the Lake. It is noteworthy that building may be accessed both from Saburtalo and Digomi sides. The building is distinguished in panoramic view of Tbilisi.

Simetria Lisi is 19-storied multifunctional residential building, with commercial areas on the ground floor and office areas on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Besides rational layout and flexible planning of apartments, sense of the space is of special importance here, as each apartment overlooks Tbilisi. Minimum area of residential apartment is 51 m2.

It is noteworthy that the residential building has two-leveled parking area intended for 74 cars and there are storages (lockers) for each apartment on the parking lots. The yard, on-door speakerphones, remotes for parking, playground and multifunctional stadium available in the residential complex will offer additional comfort. Two - passenger and freight Otis elevators will serve the building. Simetria Lisi is provided with complete fire safety system –with plaited shafts of the elevator, sprinkler system, emergency cameras and fire extinguishers. Exhaust pipes of natural air are installed on the balconies, and special closed areas. In this regard, façade of the building will not be prevented with any extra pipe and none of the residents will be bothered with the combustion air of their neighbors’ heating system. It shall be noted, that this method of approach makes Simetri Lisi distinguished on the market.

Architecture and engineer project of Simetria Lisi belongs to Demark Company, many years of experience of which is distinguished in reliability and quality. The building is being constructed with Bedeg isoblock, featuring best noise isolator and reducing heating and air conditioning costs by 60%. Distinguished architectural view is created by façade facing compositive metal panels, featuring wind shield.

Construction process is performed in line with the prescribed standards and security regulations. Permanent monitoring, corresponding material and technical base, modern methodology and technology is the warranty of reliability of construction. Except seismic resistance, drainage, sustainable materials and other technical characteristics, visual side of the building façade shall be noted as well. Special attention was being paid to each detail of construction and facing. As a result, Simetria Lisi is in line with all standards of the modern residential house – technically authentic building makes look of the city diversified with the attractive exterior.



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